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Tesla Still Facing Ups and Downs as Auto Industry Watches

California automaker Tesla stirs up controversy and generates a lot of interest from fans as well as critics. Recent events make the future of the company look a little uncertain. Naturally, critics like Bob Lutz (the former GM executive) are foretelling Tesla’s doom, while fans say this is a consequence of making the most revolutionary cars ever.

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3D Printing Proves an Edge in Auto Racing

We already know that 3D printing is continuing to show excellent promise in a number of fields, but you might not be aware that it’s gaining traction in the world of automotive racing.

Perhaps the most famous example comes from a partnership between Stratasys and Team Penske. While there are others exploring the possibilities, what makes this case so phenomenal is the comprehensive approach. That, and it doesn’t hurt that Team Penske just wins constantly. When you’re the champ everyone wants to know your secrets.

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Koenigsegg and Rimac: Two Little Automakers Making a Big Impact

Two small automakers have engaged in guerilla warfare in the auto industry. Koenigsegg and Rimac both have humble roots and are still tiny compared to larger competitors, yet they’re pushing forward with some amazing innovations.

Haven’t heard of either one? Or, have you heard the names but don’t know much about them? Read on to learn what impact these two companies are making and where they might be heading.

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Hennessey Venom F5 Shoots for 300 MPH

Texas tuning shop Hennessey Performance has made a name for itself by taking production cars and making them absolutely bonkers. For example, the VelociRaptor 6x6, which is a Ford Raptor with three axles and power to all six wheels.

One of the most ambitious projects it’s taken on lately is a homebrewed concoction known as the Venom F5. It builds off the Venom GT, which when it was revealed was the only production car that was faster than the Bugatti Veyron. Based on the Lotus Exige, the shop dropped the Venom twin turbo engine in the rear, unleashing a monster.

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Japan’s Strange Musical Roads are Actually a Speed Deterrent

When traveling down certain stretches of road in Japan, you don’t need the radio, streaming audio, or anything else. The roads themselves provide music as you drive over the surface. That makes complete sense, coming from a nation where toilets sing and you can get socks made of sushi.

While these roads certainly seem weird, they also serve a purpose aside from entertaining drivers.

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Porsche’s Upcoming Electric Cars Could Soon Set the Standard

Tesla gets a lot of news coverage. Depending on your viewpoint of the company, it’s either a media darling and Obama-era weakling, or it’s a misunderstood visionary of the future for mobility. What may seem to bolster the latter of those two versions is the fact that “legacy” or established automakers are making serious movements toward electrification. One big player in the electric car market will be Porsche.

While Teslas have wowed people with their amazing straight-line acceleration, semi-autonomous drive capabilities, and crazy falcon wing doors, Porsche will add a different flavor to electric vehicles.

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Tesla’s Model Y Problem (Hint, it’s Not the Price)

The Tesla Model Y is coming and it’s a big deal. That is, unless the company suffers a financial collapse first, which doomsday prophets keep predicting. Or, another automaker performs a hostile takeover, but they’d probably still go ahead with the Model Y.

Officially, the Model Y hasn’t been named, but company officials have used the name quite a few times now. Tesla and Elon Musk have dropped some interesting hints about the SUV. We’ve even seen shadowy pictures of it, a tactic that’s common when automakers are chumming the waters.

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