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Get certified in GrabCAD Print because it’s cool

Who doesn’t love a good certification test? Thousands of GrabCAD Community badge holders and certified Solidworks users can’t be wrong. As we put the finishing touches on GrabCAD Print, it occurred to us that the only thing missing was a good certification test. Sure you can tell people that you’re better than them at using Print. But why ask others to take your word for it when you can waive a shiny GrabCAD Print Certified badge in their face? And, of course, by “waive in their face” I mean “politely link them to your Community profile.”

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The GrabCAD Print public beta is ready early! Get in here and check it out.

Last month we finally spoke publicly about GrabCAD Print. While it was a great feeling to let the cat out of the bag, we know that engineers only start to really care about things when they can get their hands on it. Well, buckle up. Today is that day. We're psyched to announce that the GrabCAD Beta is no longer private. Click here to get started. Keep reading to find out what the private beta participants thought about our new software.

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Click print

Just click print. Three words - a lifetime goal for anyone in the modern printing business. It literally crosses dimensions, and not in a vague science fiction way. Today we’re talking about 3D printing, but 15 years ago 2D printing was a giant hassle. Peter, Michael, and Samir’s enduring legacy isn’t for no reason. “PC load letter” was enough to drive anyone over the edge. Years from now it’s not unreasonable to think that a Michael Bolton facsimile will zero in on another cultural touchstone, this time with filament jams. Less paper. More filament. One more dimension.

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