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My Summer Project: Rainbow Horse Zoetrope Lamp on the Stratasys J750

I love animation, antiques, photons, trigonometry, and the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. How to bring them all together in one project? 3D-printing!

I was inspired by this 3D-printed sundial to develop a voxel slicer that can slice a hollow cylinder to approximate a zoetrope.

For subject matter I went with the classic zoetrope trope: Eadweard Muybridge's galloping horse. And obviously rainbows as well because they are awesome.
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3D paintball ninja

Featuring all the basic elements of human survival, including taxing physical struggles in the woods, harrowing split-second tactical decisions, and danger at every corner, paintball is both a popular sport and a thrilling way to spend the afternoon. You might be inclined to think it is the domain of adrenaline-charged brutes, but what happens when an engineer crosses into this realm?

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Project Spotlight: 3D Printed Micro Planter Chess Set by XYZ Workshop

As XYZ Workshop says, "The proof is in the print." The XYZ Workshop team, formed in early 2013 by Australian Architects Elena Low and Kae Woei Lim, rallied support for their 3D printing competition entry on GrabCAD. Thanks to GrabCADr support and an amazingly creative design, they were able to nab the top prize in the My Mini Factory 3D Printing Design Competition.

Micro Planter Chess Set STL Rendering Other By Kae Woei Lim on GrabCAD

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New Challenge: Design the First Ever Golden Gear Awards Trophy

GrabCAD's brand new annual community appreciation event needs your help. We are looking for one of our talented engineers or designers to create an amazing trophy to give to our Golden Gear winners, who we will announce at the end of this design challenge. Who better to design a bit of physical product awesomeness than you? Create something that you would want to take home because, after all, the winner of this trophy Challenge will get a 3D printed Golden Gear Award, too!

Formal Grabby for the Golden Gear Awards 2012 on GrabCAD

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Weekend Projects – Winding Down, Ramping Up

It's the Weekend! Time to kick-back, relax and CAD. First off, thanks to everyone that submitted to the iPhone 5 Case Challenge. In the last few hours we received a lot of entries - totalling 122! And as one winds down, more are ramping up. As of this moment, we have about $16,000+ in cash and cash-value prizes for all the challenges going. Definitely a new record!

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Weekend Projects – Learn Knots, Draw Bikes, Help Kids.

Busy week! Five on-going challenges. New profile layout. Lots of things going on in the background at GrabCAD. And of course, hundreds of models uploaded, thousands downloaded and more Engineers and Designers than ever before! There's a World right here, and a whole weekend to explore it.


Who doesn't love Escher? First employed as a draftsman, the Dutch artist fell into art and never looked back. Sudhir Gill posted a tutorial about how to make an Escher knot. If you've been following Aykut Dana's epic tutorial on how to make an engine, step by step in Solidworks, here's the latest tutorial.

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