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GrabCAD Print is the Best 3D Slicer Software with Advanced PolyJet Features

Your PolyJet 3D printing projects just got a whole lot easier with the advanced 3D slicer technology we’ve added in GrabCAD Print. Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve added the following capabilities under our Advanced PolyJet feature:

  • Pantone Color Matching
  • Fine Detail improvements
  • Custom part priority
  • Improved print-time and material estimations

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Sending 3D Printed Parts and 3D Printers into Orbit

3D printers aren’t just for applications here on earth. NASA is aggressively using 3D printing to fabricate parts used on their spacecraft.  They also sent a 3D printer into space and remotely fabricate parts from waste plastics. While we are familiar with 3D printing for manufacturing in industries such as automotive, medical, and defense, aerospace and deep space missions are finding more uses for 3D printed parts.

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New Challenge: Ultimaker 3D Printer Toy Design

Design a creative toy that is ready to 3D print for the chance to win an Ultimaker 3D printer, one of the best selling and most well-known printers out there! Participants will have to impress an all-star jury of experts including Ultimaker, PCmag, TCT Magazine, 3D printing Industry blog, Ground3D, Protospace and GrabCAD, so show them something fun with great construction. We know that GrabCADrs are the best resource for something inventive!

Ultimaker 3D Printer Toy Design Challenge on GrabCAD


What would you make for the kids you know? What classic toys do you still love? We recommend a lot of play time to get inspired for this one. The top 5 winners take home an Ultimaker 3D printer! We have already seen a lot of interest, so tap your imagination and join the fun.