New Design Challenge: Create a 3D Printer!

Layered Labs is a new 3D Printing company that aims to crowdsource a basic design for a 3D Printer. The greatest tool for the Engineer and the Designer since the Computer, the GrabCAD Community will have a chance at modelling the appropriate concept. However, there are a few constraints - more after the jump!

Basic RGB


The essential idea that Layered Labs wants to communicate to their potential clients and consumers is that their machine is simple and easy to use. That is a difficult task in itself, but leaving aside the technical tasks that are outside this challenge, the solution is simple. Try to add a human touch to the design. 3D Printers are able to make some organic, appealing work impossible to cheaply manufacture before. Make it your Layered Lab 3D Printer resemble exactly the possibilities with a 3D Printer. There are a number of substantial prizes, including 2,500 big ones and the resulting 3D printer design that you helped create!

Quote from Enrique Muyshondt at Layered Labs,

We’re excited to be working with the GrabCAD community on this design challenge. Competition drives innovation, and we believe that people create their best work when given that opportunity, tools, and incentive to do so. I believe in the power of crowd sourcing. I started my first company through crowd funding back in 2004, before that was even a term. The logo for Layered Labs was created through a crowd sourced competition. The industrial design of our products is now being created through competition, tapping some talented people who we otherwise wouldn’t have had access to, and who likewise wouldn’t have had access to us.

All the rules and regulations can be found at the Challenge page. As usual, good luck! If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave them at the bottom in the Comments section.