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Top 20 Most Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

You like CAD models?

We've got CAD models.

It's a special dose of 3D model bliss this week as we double up and give you 20 interesting models from the last couple weeks. With nearly 50,000 engineers on GrabCAD there are more interesting models than ever. What are your favorite?

Ferrari Enzo / Ivo

This Ferrari Enzo (IGES) by Evo is modeled and rendered in SolidWorks. This is also Ivo's first models on GrabCAD, who is a mechanical engineer proficient in Creo Parametric, SolidWorks and CATIA.
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Top 10 Most Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

Time to rock another set of 10 interesting models out of the GrabCAD library! Are you ready? We've got a everything from odd musical instruments to surfacing tutorials, super yachts to chess sets. Take a look, then hop over to check each one out. Hit it!

jack-o-lantern model

Jack-o-lantern / Dlviir Singh Soohl

Well, we can't very well go through October without a Jack-o-lantern, and boy do we have a cool one. This cheeky looking Jack-o-latern (Pro/E and STEP) by Dlviir Singh Soohl is just one of the entries in the Scary Design contest going on right now.

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10 Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

It's here! Friday! and with it, ten new models from the GrabCAD library that are amazing and delightful! Have a look and tell us what your favorites are. Have a look.

Spaceship puzzle / Kir Ari

Spaceship. Need I say more. YES. Not only is this a rockin' cool spaceship, it's a Spaceship puzzle (SolidWorks/AutoCAD/STEP) that you can download and cut out yourself in foam or whatever other material you like. Really cool idea Kir!

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10 Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

A new season! And, the GrabCAD community is about to tip 30,000 engineers! They've been busy too. This week Power Grabber and CNC Machine designer Marc Erasmus takes on a journey through the fabulous talent and ingenuity of the Engineers of GrabCAD! Hit it!


Executive Lounge Concept / Gee

Gee has designed an executive lounge (SolidWorks 2011/STEP) which unfolds from the form of an onion. Must admit, this is just something I never thought to do, but I am sure you will agree, he has made a stunning job of it. Now, how do I swing this idea past the wife? Mmmm, would look great in the garden, dear? ...and I could always use that spare hydraulic pump in the garage!

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