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How to disagree with a more experienced engineer

In engineering workplaces across the country, a burgeoning workforce of new engineers is looking to assert itself. Along the way, they are learning how to work alongside, occasionally disagreeing, with an increasingly entrenched generation of more experienced and extremely knowledgeable engineers with decades of technical experience.

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The manager’s guide to deputizing technology advocacy

A couple of months back, we provided some insight about how to manage the relentless pace of engineering and manufacturing technology by empowering the right talent at your company. One of those recommendations –make technology advocacy part of someone’s job description– seemed simple enough. However, you might have wondered how that might be possible in today’s engineering rush – when everyone’s in the middle of fifteen things, all of them annoying. That’s why we’re here.

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It’s not magic! Create 3D models from photos

Every so often, we are greeted with new research or technology that promises to greatly improve how we work with CAD. At Siggraph 2013, five researchers released a jaw-dropping video of 3-Sweep. This clever demo shows an order of magnitude of improvement in modeling speed by snapping to photographs when sketching. The thing is, this technology isn’t entirely out of reach. You can do the basics today in most 3D CAD tools. Let’s take a closer look, starting with the video.

Click to view the 3-Sweep demo video

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How to win clients and master your design reviews

Clients are tough. They have a vision in their head that they struggle to share. They don’t really review your designs. They ask for view after view of your work until they can see the exact detail they need. Then, they send you changes which make you backtrack on your progress or even miss a deadline.

Be number one with your clients by streamlining the review process

Situations like these make client relationships seem like a chore. Reviews with your client should be smooth, frequent, and a source of inspiration for you to get started on the next version. How can you engage your clients and get them excited about your fantastic work?

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts to get your clients on board with the design process, so that they love the end product you create.
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Tips for Converting CAD Data

If you participate in a “digital” design and manufacturing process you are probably sharing or receiving product data in digital form - usually a CAD file. Physical products seldom consist of a single part and are rarely designed and made by a single individual. Engineering is a team sport.

Digital design and manufacturing on GrabCAD Workbench

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GrabCAD Tips: The Kernel, Why CAD Systems Don’t Play Well With Others

Quick, what kernel are you running?

If you answered that question immediately, this blog post isn't for you. If like most CAD users you've heard the term "kernel" but aren't sure what it is or why it's important, keep reading.

the kernel: manufacturable shapes in a mathematical representation

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