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FEA and 3D printing – challenges and potential workarounds

3D printing is challenging the ways that Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods are traditionally employed to assess the structural adequacy of engineered components. Thanks to 3D printing technologies, it is no longer a safe assumption that materials can simply be modelled in FEA software as uniform homogeneous solids. Indeed, a 3D printed cube of material is not what it appears to be on the outside, as it can be built from the ground-up, piece by piece and may actually possess a complex internal cross section composed of intricate void spaces such as complex hexagonal honeycomb structures.

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Engineers can’t (and shouldn’t) do everything

Too often the signature, defining trait that distinguishes the engineer from the masses is a relentless self-autonomous drive to repair, fix, tweak, and file everything entirely under their own power, never yielding even a minute measure of control to anyone. It’s a vast mystery where exactly the engineer derives this fierce bend towards complete autonomy.

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How to disagree with a more experienced engineer

In engineering workplaces across the country, a burgeoning workforce of new engineers is looking to assert itself. Along the way, they are learning how to work alongside, occasionally disagreeing, with an increasingly entrenched generation of more experienced and extremely knowledgeable engineers with decades of technical experience.

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