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Project spotlight: Rivet, a trike designed by William Shatner

William Shatner designed a superbike so he could ride from Chicago to LA this summer. American Wrench, an Illinois-based custom motorcycle company, is building it. Rivet is a true superbike appropriate for "Iron Bill", boasting a 500HP V8 engine and an all-aluminum body. I interviewed Aaron Kelly of Rivet Motors / American Wrench to ask a few questions.

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Renard motorcycle – a carbon fiber dream machine

Renard GT

Andres Uibomäe, and his business partner Kaarel Kivikangur, had a dream. A dream to build a motorcycle that would make an art gallery proud but rides like the best grand tourers out there.

I had the chance to talk to Andres and ask him about his journey when working out this motorcycle design. (Scroll down for more pictures.)

Lauri: What is your background?

Andres Uibomäe: I was educated as an industrial designer, but motorcycles have been my big passion for as long as I can remember. During my teen years, all I did was to ride and repair motorcycles. I have owned about 15 different motorcycles and modifications. I can’t even remember all my motorcycles; most of them were of Russian origin, though. Every time, it ended in the same way – rebuilding, modifying, tuning.

So the background behind Renard is passion from one side, and a designer with creative ambition but no outlet. Somebody once said that four wheels move your body but two wheels move your soul.

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We all have our motorcycles, aka pet projects to kick off the hobby series :)

To chill you all out for the weekend, we found one stunning short movie of a Japanese custom motorcycle engineer Shinya Kimura. Just take a look at the artwork and attention to detail that Kimura-san has put into his creations.

Even for those of us who barely understand the difference between cafe racers and cruisers, this little video surely inspires to spend a pouring weekend in a garage, building something unbelievably cool.

We want to hear more of your crazy hobbies.

Indrek and Siim are the bike (cycling kind, not moto) know-all freaks over here and can share tons of tips and advice on their construction and material, but what else gets your blood circulating? What are you secretly inventing and building that your gf/so does not necessarily need to know about? Come on, become the next star and tell us, send the photos or videos of the masterpieces and share the drawings. It'll definitely be worth a few more blog posts to introduce some ingenious examples of small helicopter models, kite prototypes, custom made car roof racks or even storm-proof umbrella frames.

Oh, and if you want to remain underground with your own inventions, however, know someone designing something cool, leave a tip in the comments and we'll do the investigative journalism.