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Why Toyota Boasts Superior Reliability

Australians in the Outback have a saying: if you want to get there, drive a Land Rover; if you want to get back, drive a Land Cruiser.

It's no secret Toyota makes some tough and highly reliable vehicles. That fact irks some people who don't share the love. They take issue with any number of problems with Toyota as a brand and company. But that doesn't eliminate the question of why Toyota's been so successful at the reliability game, even despite some recent controversy.

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Design an iPhone Dock for a Toyota Prius to win $1,000 in prize money and be featured in an episode of Shape Lab 360!

Konica Minolta and GrabCAD are teaming up to offer an automotive-related design challenge. Konica Minolta is asking our community to design an iPhone dock integrated into the dashboard of a Toyota Prius.

The competition begins on April 17 and will close on May 3, 2012. We are asking our community of over 160,000 creative designers and engineers to develop an iPhone dock that integrates into the dash of a Toyota Prius.

On the challenge page you will find the necessary reverse engineered models to complete this challenge. For more background, here's Shape Lab 360 Episode 1. Top winners will split a $1,000 cash prize, and the 1st prize winner’s model will be featured in Episode 3 of Shape Lab 360.

Good luck!

-The GrabCAD team