Molds We Love

Sometimes when one is under pressure to get their injection mold tooling done, turning to GrabCAD for a little help is a great idea. When you need 60,000 of something, the mold has to be right, or else you have 60,000 mistakes. There are lots of different designs in our library – many of them made by professionals in real-world applications. Lots of lessons to learn from there. Here are some of our favourites.

Here is a flow simulation by GrabCAD Legend Stefan Varga. Everything was created in Moldex3D and comes complete with a shrinkage analysis.


Exploded Views! Who doesn’t love an exploded view. To an outsider, mold tooling seems simple. In reality, it’s a complex set of parts that make the difference between crummy pieces and perfect pieces. Big thanks to Mehran Zaryoun for uploading this and sharing it freely!


Absolutely gorgeous Fan Impeller Injection Moldwork here by Sebastian Finke. GrabCADrs are now clamouring for him to make a book on mold design!


Yano uploaded this Mold for a Plastic Bottom. Lucky for him GrabCADr Ronan downloaded it and made a few suggestions of how to improve it. This is just another day on GrabCAD.



That’s a mold? Nah…. oh wait it is! Specifically, for a hubcap, and was created by Dmytro Sokovets. If you’re interested in getting into more complex molding techniques, give him a private message – he might be able to help you!

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