Challenge Results: Velodroom gets sleek new bike accessories from GrabCAD community

Velodroom is a bicycle accessory brand with a unique take on the world and cycling, offering products that are designed to increase the quality and safety of daily riding.

Making new and innovative products for bicycles, which have been around for 100 of years, isn’t easy. So Velodroom came to GrabCAD’s world-leading platform for hosting engineering and design competitions, and challenged the community of now over 700,000 engineers to create an accessory that solves a problem cyclists face daily, all while keeping Velodroom’s style in mind.

The GrabCAD community didn’t disappoint. There were 152 entries submitted and some truly well thought out designs for the biking community.

Here are the top three winners:

1. Woog by tarvo.metspalu-1

CAD model of Velodroom design

“LED wheel lights already exist on the market, but this is a product that could fit well with the Velodroom brand. I like the USB changing and simple installation. The addition of an automatic accelerometer based on/off would set this product apart.”

James Thomas,

2. Bike turn signals bracelet by paul.tripon

CAD model of Velodroom design

“This is an interesting idea. I like the fact that the LED bracelets work with (and amplify) simple hand signals. It needs a lot of development and fitting all of the components into a small package will be a challenge, but I see this one as the idea with the most potential as a new safety product.”

James Thomas,

3. Velodroom Bike Computer by busehase

CAD model of Velodroom design

“This design has definitely some common lines with Velodroom brand and fits in very well. Would like to have one. Nice job!”

Kaspar Kiis, GrabCAD

“Many thanks for all the participators, judges and supporters! 152 entries were submitted to Velodroom’s GrabCAD Challenge. Choosing 10 best works out of 152 was tough job. Yet we are extremely pleased to have received so many submissions.”

Andri Laidre, CEO, co-founder, Velodroom

Thank you to everyone who participated in this design Challenge and congratulations to the winners! Check out the new challenges on GrabCAD here.

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    wonderful post.This is an interesting idea. i like this is product।very nice to see the wheel।