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What Industry 4.0 means for you

Industry! The term evokes vivid images of long assembly lines, factory floors rife with robotic automation, and perhaps even big men putting screwdrivers into things. Creatively append a version number at the end of this well-established piece of vocabulary, however, and suddenly that crystallized mental image falters somewhat, derailed with the introduced ambiguity of a new manufacturing initiative. What precisely is Industry 4.0? More importantly, why should you care? And, most importantly, why the decimal? Are there industry point releases in the wings?

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3D printing back to the future

A market explosion of 3D printers now available in all manner of sizes, price points, and mediums compete for your attention. The maker movement is in full swing. Additive manufacturing is no longer an oxymoron. 3D printing has arrived. But where did this technology come from? It's actually been there all along. Heavy. Let's ramp it up to 88mph and take a look back to 1985 or so.

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Introducing GrabCAD Challenges for 2015

Today we launched our first GrabCAD Challenge of 2015. This challenge will help build a better solution for a self-service parcel delivery system. We chose this engineering problem to begin the year based on what members said we could do to improve the GrabCAD Challenge experience: solve real problems, help others, and build skills.  In 2015 we plan to do just that.

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Project Spotlight – The Bike Project by Oregon Manifest

GrabCAD spoke to Shannon Holt, co-founder of Oregon Manifest and creator of The Bike Design Project. A crowd-sourced competition and exploration, the cycling public decided which bike was the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike in their collective eyes. Since Oregon Manifest is an independent innovation platform for utility cycling that asked teams to create a new product outside the larger bicycle industry, it felt most appropriate to allow the general public to decide which bike they'd like to see on the retail floor. The competition included 5 teams from Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle and the winning design will be manufactured by 2015.


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Is PLM Software Only for Big Guys?

Looking at the profile and size of engineering companies using PDM software, especially as advertised by mainstream PDM and PLM vendors, one might easily reach the conclusion that these systems are ideally suited for large organizations with sizable engineering teams designing complex, highly engineered products.

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Six Tips for Better Design Reuse

The trick to getting better products out the door faster is design reuse. You start with a legacy model, incorporate a vendor’s new PC board, add some mad curves to the grip, and before long, your electronic ice cream scoop is on the market and you’re collecting a Red Dot award. Read the rest of this entry »

Avoiding Multi-CAD Pitfalls

The broad diversity of CAD technologies available today offers more choice and capability than ever before. All that variety presents a unique problem, however. Given any moderately complex design involving different engineering disciplines, design partners, and/or suppliers, chances are you'll be wrangling multiple CAD platforms. We call it – wait for it – multi-CAD. Multi-CAD is simply a reality of design in the 21st century.

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