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Real options and PDM: keeping the bean counters off your back

You have done your homework, read all the analyst reports, talked to your peers, and you are convinced that you need to implement a PDM system in your organization. Now comes the difficult part: talk to senior management and prepare a compelling argument for budget approval. The question you dread the most, likely coming from the CFO. What’s the payback? Indeed, how do you demonstrate the value of an engineering tool like PDM to a CFO using financial terms?

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Why PDM?

We put together some quick tips for engineering teams who are asking the question, "Why PDM?" These snippets from Tech-Clarity’s Guide to Basic CAD Management are easy for you to consider and then put into action.


Take 5 minutes to learn why you should stop manually managing your CAD data. Read "Why PDM?" now

guide to CAD file management

Struggling with CAD file management?  

Unmanaged CAD data can lead to wasted time and  expensive mistakes, but traditional PDM and PLM solutions are too costly for many companies. This guide, written by industry analyst Jim Brown, will help you find the solution that fits your needs.

guide to CAD file management




Wild West Off Road: Workbench Goes Ultra4 Racing

Dallas Lund and his father, Tim, run Wild West Off Road - a full-service shop that designs, builds, and fabricates parts for off-road racing and OEM vehicles. Tim manages the projects and runs the fabrication shop while Dallas works remotely and handles all of the design work. Remote work, CAD file sharing, and helping teams of engineers get the job done without the hassle of IT overhead and bothering the client with install requests? Sounds like a great Workbench use case to us. We caught up with Dallas last month and asked him what Wild West Off Road is all about and how Workbench makes life a little easier.

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Intelligent Numbering: What’s the Great Part Number Debate?

What's in a part number? That which we call a part by any other number should assemble as easily? Every company struggles with defining part numbers. Should you use an intelligent numbering system that embeds important identifying information or go with easy-to-mange generic numbers? Choosing between these opposing methodologies might seem intimidating; solid arguments exist for either approach. Crowning a winner is not going to be constructive, but understanding how the underlying issues affect your company certainly will be.

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New Report: Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM

Here at GrabCAD, we're pretty confident that the next generation of PDM will include mature cloud technology. But will PDM systems of the future also incorporate elements of other transformative technologies? In his new report, Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM: How Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, and Social are Changing Product Data Management, independent research firm Consilia Vektor's Randall Newton tackles that question head on. Get the full report for free with registration.

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BOM Find Numbers: Don’t Get Too Attached

What are Bill of Material (BOM) find numbers and why do they exist at all? Find numbers are a feature of the very first BOMs, a simple method to individually distinguish BOM lines in order to explicitly identify or "find" the corresponding callout and depiction on an engineering drawing. In other words, find numbers are a BOM index.

BOM find numbers

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