Develop3D recaps the state of the art in 3D printing

We talk about 3D printing quite a bit here at GrabCAD, including hosting some exciting Challenges and writing about the topic in Hardi’s book.  But it’s a big topic with a lot going on, so we thought we’d draw your attention to the comprehensive overview that Develop3D just published.

SolidSmack Maker Galaxy E10: Hardi Meybaum

Maker Galaxy is a podcast series from SolidSmack that explores the crossroads of Design, Technology, and the Future of Making. This week their special guest was GrabCAD founder and CEO, Hardi Meybaum.

New report reveals how CAD users are wasting time and what they can do about it

Do you ever find yourself doing tedious, menial tasks in order to share a CAD file? I’m talking about the kind of tasks you certainly didn’t get a degree to do – taking screenshots of CAD models, nagging IT to prioritize your FTP site, sifting through different versions of your file (only to find out [...]

We wrote a book, and it’s about you

The book is called “The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made” and after a lot of hard work, input and many revisions, it is finally available! It’s a real book, not an ebook or a super-long brochure. It’s about the rise of Open Engineering – the changes we’re seeing in how things get [...]

BeyondPLM: CAD, Engineers and Online Communities

CAD and PLM industry blogger Oleg Shilovitsky discusses online communities, and specifically takes a look at the two top engineering communities – SolidWorks and GrabCAD.

What I was surprised to learn at SolidWorks World 2014 about CAD data management

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since Solidworks World 2014, and after enough times of saying “At SolidWorks World I learned…”, or “I talked to a guy at SolidWorks World who said…”, I thought I should probably write a post about it. But be warned: this is not your typical SWW14 recap. Given that as [...]

PLM Think Tank: CAD cloud collaboration from Autodesk, GrabCAD and SolidWorks

Product Lifecycle Management expert, Oleg Shilovitsky, discusses 3 companies working to fulfill the demand for CAD collaboration on the cloud. Who will win this complex challenge of delivering simplicity? Oleg gives an overview of Autodesk 360, SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual and GrabCAD Workbench.