News about new challenges

The past couple of weeks have kept us busy working on the new challenges section functionality. It's been launched and live now since yesterday, to make the following, submitting the entries, organizing challenges and checking out any updates easier than it has been with our blog.


GrabCAD challenge

 All the upcoming challenges will be posted under the Challenges tab and include all information necessary to work on the project and submit the entry. It's also much easier to browse the active and finished challenges with their respective entries as all of them are listed on one page.

If you are a manufacturing, design or any kind of product development company and think such competitions would bring in innovation at a completely different level, you can now also leave your idea for a challenge via the submit form.


Challenge submit page

Simply describe your idea briefly or in as much detail as you find appropriate, add a sketch or a picture what needs to be engineered and send the information to our staff. We will contact you directly and put together the whole challenge package (see example below) for all the engineers.

Challenge page

The challenge page itself includes the following new sections:

  • Description - summary of what needs to be done, relevant background information and any pictures of current solutions or examples.
  • Prizes - what are all the goodies or cash that the winner and runner-ups get
  • Rules - all applicable conditions for the challenge
  • About the jury and the company endorsing the challenge
  • Statistics box with main prize, deadline and number of submitted entries
  • Requirements - all 'musts' and 'shoulds' that the participating model has to comply with
  • Specification button to download all files needed to start working
  • Upload - it's highly recommended to submit your entries via the challenge page. As with most cases, it's all about the details and entering the challenge via the correct form includes the participating model in the official list of entries. It is also necessary that the participants accept the intellectual property and invention terms and conditions.
  • Entries - can be viewed both under the dedicated tab at the top or in the thumbnails section under the Requirements.
  • Results - the winning model and runner-ups with brief explanations of their superiority.

All in all we hope the new functionality makes things much easier and usable for both the engineers and the companies taking part in the challenges. If you have any suggestions for improvement, then drop us a line, we'd be glad to hear opinions!

Meanwhile, check out the latest challenges and do not hesitate to participate. The projects itself are cool, as are the prizes.