Small patch of updates to GrabCAD library

This week has seen a number of smaller updates to our CAD library. No major new features this time as we've focused on cleaning some stuff under the bonnet and making tiny usability tweaks you might not even notice.

Car jack from Hemant Agarwal

Upload larger models - we increased file limit from 100 MB to 200 MB. This should be plenty for even the largest assemblies.

New categories added - mechanical design, furniture and architecture. Have any other ideas what are the categories we're missing? Leave your suggestion in the comments.

Top contributors on members page now display top uploaders from the last month. Only CAD models you upload will count in putting this list together. You're still more than welcome to upload just screenshots or PDFs of your work to build your portfolio, we realize you might not be able to upload models but still want to make a name for yourself and get feedback and contacts.

Special badges for top uploaders and spotlighted engineers. Check out Chanson's profile, for example.

Nice personal URL - we actually built this a while ago but you never saw your own nice URL before. This is fixed now so if you go to your profile page you can just copy-paste it off your browser address bar and hand it out to friends, colleagues, clients, put it in your email or forum signature etc.

All emails have a new look and improved content. You'll get more data about the person who left you a new comment, started following you or liked your model.

We've also increased the file size limit for screenshots from 7 MB to 15 MB. In reality your screenshot should rarely be over 2 MB, perhaps a blog post on how to optimize JPG and PNG images for web viewing is something I should write :)

We'll take a short break now for a well deserved time with our families, going cross-country skiing (there are no mountains to speak of in Estonia), drinking mulled wine and eating blood sausages (I'm not kidding, read NYTimes' "Without blood sausage, it just wouldn't be Christmas"). Back next week, take care :)