Help design the world’s most efficient superbike, win an iPad 2!

This is your big chance to help design the lightest, most efficient racing motorcycle ever made. And win an iPad 2 for your effort. Interested? :)

Update! Winners announced, find out who had the best design.

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi

The challenge, should you accept it, is to re-design the triple clamp for the Amarok P1 zero emission race bike that is competing to win the International Formula 75 TTXGP Championship.

If you beat other engineers, win the competition and your design rocks then the triple clamp you designed will help the lightweight heavy hitter tear up the tarmac already in June in the first race of the series. You get the bragging rights and an iPad 2 as the prize for your efforts.

The requirements for the triple clamp?

  • Rigidity and low weight are of paramount concern. This is a racing bike!
  • Design must incorporate Amarok Paw brand symbol in raised or relief somewhere on the top surface.
  • Must be manufacturable by CNC in 6061 aluminium billet.
  • M6 pinch bolts are used (and required) to clamp the tubes.
  • Must be one part.
  • May be Annodized.

More details in this PDF description of the challenge (ver 2), download the Paw brand symbol. More images of the bike can be found in the Amarok P1 gallery.

Click image for a larger version.

Click image for a larger version.

Details of the current triple clamp

The elevated profile is not ideal and not required. M6 pinch bolts are used (and required) to clamp the tubes. The new version may be solid, or incorporate lightening holes or stiffening channels - it’s up to you to come up with the lightest, stiffest solution.

The Rules - How to participate?

  • The prize for the winner is a brand new iPad 2.
  • This competition is open to everyone.
  • You can participate with more than one model.
  • Only models uploaded to GrabCAD library participate in the competition.
  • Tag your model with "amarok" for searchability.
  • You can upload a private model but you need to share access to
  • Privately uploaded and share models must be made public once the competition deadline is due.
  • All CAD software is welcome but you must upload a STEP/IGES file too.
  • Models not meeting the requirements (see above) will not participate.
  • Competition start on May 18, 2011.
  • Competition ends on June 1, 2011.
  • The winner will be selected by a joint jury of Amarok Racing and GrabCAD and announced in GrabCAD’s blog.

The Prizes

Amarok Racing and GrabCAD will pick the winner of the competition and two runner-ups on June 3, 2011 and announce them here, on our blog.

  • 1st prize - iPad 2, crew tshirt, Amarok poster, and get to be featured on Amarok Racing website.
  • 2nd prize - Amarok crew tshirt, poster
  • 3rd prize - Amarok poster

More about Amarok Racing and TTXGP

The goal of Amarok Racing is to compete in and win in the North American Championship of the formula 75 class in 2011. To that end the team has designed and built a ground-up, all new, radically engineered electric racing superbike that changes the paradigm in the industry, in power-to-weight.

TTXGP is the world’s first zero emissions, all electric racing series for motorcycles, pitting innovation, high technology and new thinking against the challenges of high performance, efficient mobility.

GrabCAD is proud to help Amarok Racing to achieve this goal by pooling the collective knowledge and skills of over 4000 engineers.

By the way Amarok is the Inuit word for wolf, hence the paw logo.