10 Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

Oh boy, we have another hot batch of incredible models from the GrabCAD community this week. Which ones did you find interesting? As always, if you need a model in another format, just leave a comment asking the uploader for a neutral format (step, iges, etc.) What are your favorites?

27" iMac Model

How would you like a 27" Apple iMac sitting on your virtual desktop? This gorgeous model (and other Apple product models) from Robert Voogt is available for download in both SolidWorks 2011 and STEP formats.

Motorcycle front wheel model

Motorcycle wheels? We've got some. This just happens to be a 17 inch spoked wheel and tire with a beautiful old school style disc brake. You can see this and other tires from GrabCAD user zerothree.

Futuristic Sink Model

Can you have too many futuristic sinks? No, I think not. This futuristic sink (STEP) from Benjamin Cepeda not only entertains your mind with thoughts of clean hands, it also hides away the sinks when not in use. How cool is that!

This Cadillac 100 (IGES) was created by Benjamin Cepeda in Alias Automotive and is a great reference if you want to go about modeling your own and adding it to the library.

This colorful Radial Engine (Inventor 2012) is the first model uploaded by William Barclay and one of his first models created using Inventor.

Wine Rack Model

How about a Wine Rack (SolidWorks 2011) you can download, CNC and put together yourself? I'll take five. Thanks to Marc Erasmus for a great, manufacturable example of a modular and stackable design.

Cafeteria model sketchup

An entire Cafeteria layout (SketchUp) might make you a little hungry... hungry for 3D models. This layout in the Dubai International Airport (DBX) was done by Bong Hinlo Dospueblos and seats 20 people.

This example of a Mini-modular submarine (solidWorks 2010/STEP) was created by Doug Davey as a challenge to the GrabCAD community. The various section come apart and can be made interchangeable with others. An interesting idea and also a great challenge!

Handpress model

Here's a little Handpress (Inventor 2012/STEP/AutoCAD) created by Manolis Theofilos initially as a project for a University class. He has provided all the files and video presentation for your viewing pleasure.

1984 moka coffee pot model

If you've had coffee from a 1984 moka coffee pot (Inventor 2011/STEP) you know how good coffee can be. This rendition is from coffee-lover DV Design and would look simply fantastic in a model of your kitchen.

There are so many interesting CAD models being created by our community. Every week there's something to look forward to! Have you added models to the library?