Top 10 Most Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

A huge milestone for GrabCAD this week. The community that started just over a year ago has reached 40,000 engineers, designers, makers, geeks and modeling freaks. You can see the amount of models they're sharing. Let's take a look from some interesting ones from the past week. Hit it!

FP-1 Race Car / Arsalan

A work in progress, but impressive nonetheless, this FP-1 (NX/STEP) formula 1 style FSAE competition race car of team Formula Pakistan is from GrabCAD user Arsalan.

Yamaha Piano / Manzil Kale

This Yamaha Grand Piano (SolidWorks/IGES) is simply another amazing model from Manzil Kale. Take a look and the tickle the 3D ivory in your 3D modeler of choice.

Mirage 2000 / Selcuk Ozmumcu

This is Selcuk Ozmumcu's first upload to GrabCAD (and you MUST check out his other uploads!) The Mirage 2000 (SolidWorks /STEP/Parasolid) is a French fighter jet from Dassault Aviation. Stop by and welcome Selcuk and check out the surfacing on that model.

Lost in Space Robot / David Thomas

Best! This is of course the Class M-3 Model B9 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Lost in Space Robot (SolidWorks/STEP), lovingly referred to by Dr. Zachary Smith as a "bubble-headed booby."

Portal Gun / Scott Bruins

You may have seen this on GrabCAD before, but this time Scott Bruins has made the complete SolidWorks model of his Portal Gun available for you to download. Thanks Scott!

iPhone stand concept / Pratik Sawardekar

A very nice,very minimal iPhone stand concept (SolidWorks/STEP) from Pratik Sawardekar. It's able to hold the your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode as well. Two versions and an .stl file as well.

CFD Analysis of Tail Section / James Sylphide

A look into the air flow around the tail section of an Extra 300 RC model aircraft. The CFD Analysis by James Sylphide is using FlowXpress, a CFD analysis tool integrated into SolidWorks.

Denon DNS-5000 / Eric Design

This is a sweet DJ CD Mixer station, the Denon DNS-5000 (MoI3D/SDTEP) from GrabCAD newcomer Eric Design. Toss those CD on and start mixin' some model mayhem!

Epic 380VT Concept.

Epic 380VT Concept / Jamie Klopp

This beautiful aircraft model is a <href="" target="_blank">Epic 380VT Concept (IGES/WIRE) and the first model upload by Jamie Klopp. It's a concept he did for the company in 2008. Thanks for sharing Jamie!

Tuatara interior concept / Gee

The Shelby Tuatara Interior Design Challenge is in full effect and with a US $2,000 prize and a lot of Awesome GrabCAD talent, there are some great submissions coming in. Like this Tuatara Interior from Gee, taking orange and inlay to a whole new, incredibly cool level.

That wraps another week of incredible models from the GrabCAD library. There are so many there, we're sure to miss a few. If so, let us know what your favorites were in the comments and remember, it's always cool to upload a STEP/IGES file along with the native CAD data so everyone can have some fun with the model. Until next time.