Greenville Design uses GrabCAD service for large projects

Using GrabCAD engineering project management services has enabled Greenville Design to sign major project and deliver the work in time.

About Greenville Design

Greenville Design is a service company located in Providence, USA offering manufacturing and industrial customers creative solutions such as optimizing SolidWorks performance, providing tools, jig and fixtures design, doing plant layout for the installation of new equipment etc.

About the project

A major project was proposed which would need considerable increase of resources that Greenville Design did not have available at the time. Fortunately GrabCAD with a network of over 60,000 mechanical engineers was ready to help. This project meant quite a big amount of manual re-modeling of various equipment with great detail and accuracy. This task required engineering professionals with respective industry experience, knowledge and software skills. It was clear that persons with necessary background could not be found quickly. Due to tight deadlines of this project it was clear that unless GreenVille Design found a partner to carry out the work, they would have to decline the contract.

The results

Greenville design found GrabCAD and made a request to explore the opportunities for getting extra resources among the thousands of engineers. Immediately there was a match with some candidates who were capable of accomplishing the rather sophisticated project. GrabCAD's Chief Engineer handled all the details and lead the process throughout. The remodeling was done in batches to simplify the quality control and flow. The project was delivered in due time and within expected budget.


The interview

I had the opportunity to ask some questions from Helen Greathouse, CSWP and the owner of Greenville Design.

Lauri: Why did you choose to use GrabCAD service?

Helen: I had been asked to do a job turning pump 2D drawings and pdf files into SolidWorks parts and assemblies and had only 6 weeks to complete it. As this was a very large job, I was told that I could outsource some of the parts in order to expedite completion. When I saw that GrabCAD claimed they could do this in the time frame needed, I decided to see if they could deliver.

Lauri: What would have been the alternative if you had not used our service?

Helen: If I had not found GrabCAD, I would not have been able to accept this job. There was no way that I could do all of the parts and assemblies in 6 weeks.

Lauri: Were you satisfied with the result? 

Helen: I have been very satisfied with the results. I saved money and time by using GrabCAD.

Lauri: What was the benefit and value to you?

Helen: The benefit to me from using GrabCAD was I got to accept this job and finished it in a timely manner which has enhanced my reputation.

Lauri: Would you use GrabCAD service again?

Helen: I would definitely use GrabCAD services again.

Thanks to Helen for answering the questions.

When leaving your service request here our Chief Engineer will return a quote including budget, time frame and list of engineers suitable for delivering you quality results for your engineering project in 12 hours.