“Engineering Matters” Video Challenge

This challenge is a special one. Just turn on the webcam, plug in the microphone and let your heart and mind do the rest! Its time to answer those big questions that the GrabCAD community has answers for. There are only 5 days left, and we only need a little bit of your time. The prize? $50 and a big, shiny GrabCAD T-shirt emblazoned with 'Design. Engineer. Adventure.'

Gabe and Grant listed 4 questions that need your answers.

1. Why does engineering matter?
2. What inspired you to be an engineer?
3. What about engineering makes you proud?
4. What is the coolest thing you've built and why are you proud of it?

Big questions indeed. If you're looking for inspiration, just look around you. Maybe you have a beautiful car filling your desktop wallpaper. Maybe you have a few spare involute gears on your desk. Maybe remember the last time you flew in an airplane and thought about the elegance of the winglets on the tips of the wings, and how such a small thing can save so much fuel and improve flight handling.

This design challenge reminded me of a question Hardi posed last October, "Why did you become an Engineer?". There were a huge number of serious and light-hearted answers. If you're unsure about what to say, take a look at what people have said there. For this challenge there are no 'wrong' answers - just go for it!