Figulo Ceramic Challenge Results Are In!

It got Bigger and it got Better. The Figulo Ceramic Challenge really got the creative juices of the GrabCAD community going. We picked up a record 407 entries of vases, candle holders and table lamps! Andy Jeffery from Figulo and the entire GrabCAD team was really happy with the individual submissions, so we want to give a big thank you to every single engineer and designer who participated.

Best Vase - $500 Prize

 Amoraph Ceramics by Virtox / Stijn van der Linden

We like this design because of its elegance and it also demonstrates how our process can make designs that are extremely difficult to make by other methods yet beautiful at the same time.

Best Candle Holder - $500 Prize

This design is interesting because of its modularity. You can reconfigure the pieces in many different ways to make an interesting and beautiful candle holder. The pieces can be glazed in different colors to make the finished piece even more interesting and beautiful.

Best Table Lamp - $500

This is an interesting mood light. The glow from below and over the splash we thought was a great idea. I cannot wait to see this piece lit up.

Honorable mention - $100 ea.

We liked this design because of its elegance and simplicity. It is also very well suited to 3D printing as it is difficult to make by conventional ceramic production methods.

 Tiled Tealights by Bryan Morris

We liked this idea because of its novel approach to a flat tiled surface. The sculpted features of the tiles are elegant and create an interesting lighting feature on a flat surface.
We liked this design because of its simple elegance. The pieces have a well balanced shape and can be glazed in a variety of colors.
We liked this piece because of it bold aggressive design. The interlocking tube structure can be easily printed and showcases the abilities of our ceramic 3D printing.
We did not have many lamp designs however we the bold geometry and proportions of this one were just right. We are not sure whether it will look better in black or a lighter color.

According to Andy, all of these designs will be up on Shapeways shortly. We'll keep you posted when that happens!

And if you're wondering what happened to the awards for the team entries, there was a hitch. After some serious thought and consideration, team prizes were not awarded due to quantity and quality of submissions, at least compared to the quality of the individual submissions. In the interest of fairness to everyone, not handing out the team awards seemed like the best move for everyone. Nevertheless, we thank those that did submit team entries.