Model We Love – James Bond Edition

Recently saw Skyfall. I thought it was alright - it turns out the Internet is not the most familiar field for 007. It's too bad, because there's a whole bevy of familiar vehicles on GrabCAD. Sorry Mr. Bond, just CAD files. But they are free to download when ever you need them. But Q hasn't outfitted them with weaponry either. Maybe you could?

This is a beautiful Aston Martin DBS Volante, the convertible model of the V12 seen in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Designed by GrabCADr Adamo Douglas, right down to the last detail.

In the very opening scene of Quantum Solace, you will see two of these Alfa Romeo 159s chasing Bond in the Aston Martin. Probably the best scene in the whole movie. Here's a rendering of a red 159 by GrabCADr buffalo TBR. And for your viewing pleasure, you can see these cars in action right here.

Believe it or not, the books came before the films. And just like the films, Bond had at his disposal the best cars. If you're reading Moonraker, try to visualize this Mercedes-Benz 300 by KFZ-Schule in your mind.

Goldfinger is one of the greatest Bond flicks ever, featuring the then-new Ford Mustang, driven by Bond girl Tilly Masterson. Good job to GrabCAD Engineer Kamil Kobylinski for uploading this stellar CAD model. You can see it in this scene.

GrabCADr James Xuan didn't title his Jaguar, but from the looks of it this is an XJ (X351) that can be seen by M and Bond in Skyfall. Could anyone help correct me if I'm wrong?

This is the standard issue Walther PPK, employed by every single actor in the franchise. Nice work there Yahai for this model - could do with some better rendering. Anyone willing to help him out?