Models We Love – Worksite

What are the necessary tools and equipment do you need to make a building? And can you find these on GrabCAD? Hell yes. If you're a professional Architect or a Structural Engineer  creating a presentation for clients, it's nice to have a number of beautifully rendered images of your project under-construction.

Let's say GrabCAD as a whole was trying to build Solidworks City - what would we need?


First, no one enters the worksite without this - a Helmet by Avinash Mahanta.


You need an excavator to make the foundations of each building, move materials around and backfilling. What better than the Cavator by Mariusz Jablonski?


Once the hole is finished, equipment is often taken out by Crane. Probably a crane no different in design than Silvio Arcanjo's Tower Crane Assembly


Often piles are driven in to provide building support. Auger piles can be used, similar in design to this Auger by ALI.


The King of Powertools, the power drill. And the King among CAD models we've seen and would like to see more is this Cordless Black & Decker Drill by Andreas Gkertsos


Wait, we're forgetting something. We need a truck on-site at nearly every point of this project, delivering materials and carrying away fill. This well-designed 8x4 Construction and Mining Truck by Kush Desai and created with Solid Edge ought to do the trick...


One thing this truck cab might be pulling is this Concrete Mixer by Sabra A.S. Created in Rhino, so not necessarily compatible for mixing the two designs.... yet. You could always ask for STEP or IGES files nicely!