Challenge Winners: KeyShot ‘Get Your Toon On’ Animations and Renders

See what our GrabCADrs did with the new KeyShot Toon material, which allows you to apply solid colors, shading and contours to your objects for a flat, cel shading appearance. Any models from GrabCAD were fair game for the KeyShot ‘Get Your Toon On’ Render Challenge!

KeyShot 'Get Your Toon On' Render Challenge (Above models by GrabCAD members Dragos Vasile Mitrofan and Joel Anderson, rendering by Rex Roberts)

KeyShot provided the details, and our Community used their creativity to create some really stunning renderings and animations. The best animation won a seat of KeyShot Pro + Animation and the best rendering won a seat of KeyShot Pro. All winners and honorable mentions received the enduring admiration of the KeyShot and GrabCAD communities along with some cool tshirts!

Grand Prize for Animation: Wheel of the Misfortunates

Highly creative entry from Dries Vervoort and an ingenious use of KeyShot Animation to show the capabilities you have to create really engaging visuals. Watch Wheel of the Misfortunates on GrabCAD, below.

Grand Prize for Rendering: Operation Thinker!

Great story by Simon Williamson mixed with amazing character and hard surface modeling delivered in a very creative way and showing the strength of KeyShot Toon material colors and rendering.

Operation Thinker! by Simon Williamson on GrabCAD
Check out all of the winners and honorable mentions on the GrabCAD Challenge results page, KeyShot 'Get Your Toon On' Render Challenge.