New report reveals how CAD users are wasting time and what they can do about it

Do you ever find yourself doing tedious, menial tasks in order to share a CAD file? I’m talking about the kind of tasks you certainly didn’t get a degree to do - taking screenshots of CAD models, nagging IT to prioritize your FTP site, sifting through different versions of your file (only to find out someone already wrote over your most recent, painstaking work). We asked around and it turns out that if the above describes you, you’re not alone.

CAD wasting time

We’re in the business of making CAD users’ lives easier. It’s why we host over 300,000 free models for you to download, why we bring together over 1 million engineers, and why we created Workbench for professional collaboration. So we set out to learn what tasks you hate doing and are holding you back from doing what you do best - engineering.

We conducted a survey of manufacturers and designers asking what their biggest time wasters are when working with CAD (maybe you even participated - thanks!). Those responses are now tallied and compiled into a report.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Where Did The Time Go? The 3 Most Frustrating Time Wasters in CAD Collaboration and How Your Product Design Team Can Overcome Them

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