5 engineering manager must reads

You don't have a lot of free time - it takes a lot of energy to bring in a product on schedule and budget. So, we put together a few posts every engineering manager must read to make their jobs easier.

Posts for Engineering Managers. Picture: Structural Engineering Capabilities from Gurit on Flickr

Structural Engineering Capabilities from Gurit from Flickr

1) Manage Projects and Get Organized Online

Here are 16 tools for your project management problems from the guys at SolidSmack. Collaborate, plan and manage to your hearts content. Read the full article.

2) CAD is the Least of Our Problems, Part 1

This post from CADalyst, describes how CAD management is changing and what new skills you will need. Be prepared with a little help from Robert Green. Read the full article.

3) Bringing ROI and Project Management into Everyday Life

Are you considering social, infrastructure, knowledge, and brand in your ROI decisions? Shawn Wasserman from Engineering.com explains why you should. Read the full article.

4) Open or Closed Innovation?

Develop3D presents the pros and cons of keeping R&D in-house versus looking outside the company for IP through open innovation, along with a few emerging trends. Read the full article.

5) Managing Projects Half a World Away

Engineer to Leader writer Steven Cerri describes the pitfalls of working with a remote team or contractors. Learn how to avoid them to get great results.  Read the full article.


We hope these posts help you get things done. Share your favorite resources in the comments!

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guide to CAD file management

Struggling with CAD file management?  

Unmanaged CAD data can lead to wasted time and  expensive mistakes, but traditional PDM and PLM solutions are too costly for many companies. This guide, written by industry analyst Jim Brown, will help you find the solution that fits your needs.

guide to CAD file management