Have You Tried Workbench Yet?

Have we got a story to tell you!

Sure, you’re probably familiar with the GrabCAD Community – an online community of almost 4 million engineers, designers, dreamers, and students – and you probably know about GrabCAD Print, our game-changing software solution for Stratasys 3D printers.

The Workbench desktop app also lets you track and sync all file versions your team creates.

But did you know that GrabCAD also offers a third product?

Workbench is our CAD collaboration tool that works the way engineers do. It offers full set cloud collaboration tools to ensure that you and your team can find the CAD files you need, avoid duplicating work, and solicit input from everyone who has a stake in a project.

Have you tried it yet?

With Workbench, you’ll never lose a file version of your project, because versions are automatically created whenever you save files, so you can focus all your time on building great products!

The Workbench desktop app also lets you track and sync all file versions your team creates, which makes it easier to reuse past versions of your work instead of having to start over or waste time creating a new iteration. And, if something does go wrong, you can also restore any file version or an entire assembly to a previous point in time on your project.

You can also update your team when a new version of the file is created, because your entire team will receive the same notice.

Workbench is also great for distributed teams or collaborative projects, because all your team’s updates will appear on one project feed, which will also allow you to securely share files with external collaborators wherever they are located.

Workbench allows you to stay on the same page with your colleagues, because conversations are kept with files, helping to cut down on lengthy or unnecessary email exchanges.

You can share specific file versions or revisions externally with manufacturers, suppliers, or anyone else who might need to take a look at your project to help bring it to fruition.

For the full rundown of all Workbench can do for you and your team on your next project, go here.


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