10 Interesting CAD Models From the GrabCAD Community Library

We take another deep dive into the GrabCAD Community Library to scope out some of our favorite CAD models of late:

Reading Robot

A robot ironically reading a “Robot Building for Dummies” book.

Tattoo Machine

This render of a tattoo machine was made in SOLIDWORKS and rendered in KeyShot.

4-Legged Robot

Check out this shiny render of a robot with a camera mounted on its back. We think it looks eerily similar to the spider drones in minority report.


This sofa is dedicated to a dear friend of the engineer who designed it.

Wheel Loader

This wheel loader would be useful on any construction site.

3D Printer

This cool model of a 3D printer is designed with a metal chassis in mind. Ahmed Yasser says this model is currently in the prototyping phase. We can't wait to see what the final build looks like!  

V6 Engine 

V6 Engine design made with SOLIDWORKS by GrabCAD Community member Ramy Amer.

Hand Drill

This nicely rendered hand drill has two speeds. We're not sure which speed we would select, but we could absolutely use one of these around the office.

Underwater Helicopter

The large blade consists of 3 segments. The blades are hollow with built in drainage for deep sea dives. Modeled in AutoCAD.

Construction Elevator Lift

With a 100-meter range, this Construction Elevator can help you haul materials up a few stories.

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