Eye-Catching Models From the GrabCAD Community Library

We're taking another deep dive into the GrabCAD Community Library of almost 2.2 free online CAD models.

Modified Audi R8

This modified version of the Audi R8 comes with a lot of customized features, like rims, a grille, spoiler, and a pretty unique paint job. It was designed in CATIA V5 and rendered in KeyShot 4.0. Can you do better?

Folding Crane

This model of a folding crane has a capacity to lift up to two tons. This type of crane would be used in automobile repairs and mold lifting, but is also just a really cool design.

Production Plant Catwalk

This design of the catwalk of a production plant comes in two different versions: with or without the tanks. Personally, we prefer the version with the tanks. Rendered in SOLIDWORKS.

Gearbox for a Rolls-Royce Merlin Packard

We just love the intricacy on the design of this gearbox for a Rolls-Royce Merlin Packard. Kudos to GrabCAD Community member John Fall!

Funky Crutch Design

We're running a Challenge to design crutch accessories for one of our GrabCAD employees who recently had a surgery and could use your help. This colorful entry into the competition was rendered in SOLIDWORKS.

Dog Crutches

Sometimes our canine companions need crutches too, but GrabCAD Community member MAB (Mehmet) also hopes you will take your best shot at designing a set of wheels that could aid a furry friend too.

Istanbul Tram

Nowadays known as the Metro Istanbul, there's plenty of renderings of this commuter train to help you design it from the inside out.

Old-Fashioned Car

GrabCAD Community member AML took inspiration from vintage dragsters for this very smart-looking design.

Boeing 787 

This Boeing 787 design has an Air India flavor thanks to GrabCAD Community member Ashok.


With CAD, what you can design is really only limited by your imagination – like this model of a mechanical butterfly design.

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