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3D Models Your Father Will Want from the GrabCAD Community Library

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Remember when you were a kid and a simple finger painting or hand drawing meant more to your dad than buying a $50 tie? Well, I'm bringing that notion back in today’s Father’s Day-themed model blog post.

Today, I'm highlighting some amazing 3D models I saw in the Community that I think your father will love. Some you can even bring to life with a 3D printer!

Here are the models:
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Stelu Harson, Creator of popular model “NRJ”

GrabCAD engineer Stelu Harson’s model NRJ is one of the most downloaded models on all of GrabCAD (over 8,300). I took a moment to chat with Stelu about his model.

GC: What's the story behind why you modeled the NRJ?

Stelu: I started drawing cars when I was just a small boy, obviously with pencil and paper. I wasn't a big artist :-) but I always tried to improve. I started to do 2D drawings, mostly of the side and front of cars. Then I tried to make them on paper in perspective and this was a big improvement back then. During university I had the first contact with 3D CAD programs. This was a great opportunity to carry on with my passion for automotive design by make them digital.

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Top 10 Most Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

A huge milestone for GrabCAD this week. The community that started just over a year ago has reached 40,000 engineers, designers, makers, geeks and modeling freaks. You can see the amount of models they're sharing. Let's take a look from some interesting ones from the past week. Hit it!

FP-1 Race Car / Arsalan

A work in progress, but impressive nonetheless, this FP-1 (NX/STEP) formula 1 style FSAE competition race car of team Formula Pakistan is from GrabCAD user Arsalan.
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