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Google Automotive Trends Report Shows What People Want Out of Their Cars

Every year, Google publishes a report on trends for the automotive industry. This is different from other industry trend reports, because it comes from searches typed by Google users. Market research firms often rely on focus groups, consumer surveys, and complex formulas. Of course, Google is privy to a data set many envy, so it leverages that advantage. The idea, as claimed by the tech giant, is that this sampling of buyer interests and intents is more representative of the whole range of consumers in different markets. I won’t bore you with Google’s methodology, since you can read all about it in the report.

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Google SketchUp 8 released, exports to DXF

altGoogle has just announced the release of a new version of their CAD tool Sketchup 8. It's still amazes me that the search giant Google is building a CAD software, but they seem to be doing a real good job so why not.

Version 8 has some cool new features like solid tools, model geo-location with Google Maps etc. But I think the best new feature is the ability to export to DWG and DXF (for the uninitiated - these are more or less open formats in the CAD model world allowing to open SketchUp files in all the main CAD software packages). When GrabCAD started offering CAD services a big part of our orders came from clients who used Google Sketchup to sketch their houses, furniture etc and needed AutoCAD drawings for their architects, furniture makers or whoever was going to build the piece (check out the blog post from back then: Google SketchUp now supported by GrabCAD).

Unfortunately the DXF export is not included in free version of SketchUp and comes with the price tag of $495 in the pro version. We'll see if Google ever releases it in their free version. One can hope.

If you do use SketchUp for modeling and need a quick conversion into any other formats then:

1) Order conversion service from us, just $25 per file. Email us at
2) Or get a conversion tool from Sycode for $95.

Check out the intro video that shows off SketchUp 8 main features. And then go download the software. Oh, don't forget to upload your cool models to GrabCAD later on :)