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How a Golf Club Is Designed and Made

The world of golf club design has dramatically expanded and progressed over the past 20 years. High expectations for design skills coupled with the increasing influence of modern technology within club design and the sport as a whole make this an industry of continual flux and revolution.

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Rhino CAD comes alive for GrabCAD designers

You’re a designer and you love Rhino. We get it. Rhinoceros 3D software allows you to create the beautiful, organic shapes that clients adore. You’ll be happy to know that you can now do even more with your Rhino CAD models! They are newly available for preview (and more) in our free, 3D CAD viewer in the Library and in GrabCAD Workbench.

View this Rhino CAD model in 3D on GrabCAD!

Pictured: Seat 002 with rails by Tom Van Ryn (rendering by Jura Stok)
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The Future of Design and Manufacturing at DFM Summit #3

GrabCAD recently had the opportunity to speak at the latest Design for Manufacturing Summit in Brooklyn. NY. The intimate setting of mostly small to medium companies in the design and manufacturing industries made for honest and interesting panels. It is clear to our team that the point of 3D content is to help designers and engineers get real work done and real products made. We were glad to be included in the discussion around 3D printing, scanning and modeling so we could share this message with others.

Design for Manufacturing Summit #3 featuring GrabCAD

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Office chairs, got to love ’em

Josh's tweet about one particular office chair from Haworth (pictured below) got me thinking about this vital piece of equipment in our lives these days. I work behind a desk at least 8 hours a day, often continuing at home so ergonomics, flexibility and comfort are pretty high up on wish requirements list for a proper work chair.

The ones we have in GrabCAD's office are fairly… modest affairs to put it mildly. Hey, we're a startup, we'll get to the nice stuff a bit later. Before joining GrabCAD I enjoyed Herman Miller's wonderful model Mirra at Skype. And even further back went through a variety of fairly crappy chairs. Sadly, my lower back also disagreed with them.

Point is - chairs matter. Their design, functionality, ergonomics and durability matters. Dug around the internets for a couple of noteworthy chairs and glad to see that there's a decent choice if you're looking for something good for your posture and body and care about the looks too.

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