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PhotoView 360 rendering tips: make them more interesting!

PhotoView 360 is a great photorealistic rendering platform that is built right into SolidWorks. I have been using it for nearly 10 years professionally, and believe it is the best option for rendering any non-organic object. This article is a continuation of an older post here on GrabCAD, and is focused more on how to use some of the more advanced tools to make better scenes, more interesting compositions, and more dramatic lighting.

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If you can’t figure out what PDM costs, don’t feel bad. It’s not you.

Ever try to figure out the cost of a given PDM system? How’d it go? Get everything you need? I’m guessing not. Here’s why.

What’s the first thing most people do before they make any kind of meaningful purchase? They search for it. They read reviews, they watch a few videos, maybe they hit the relevant forums. Once they’ve become more familiar with what’s out there and pared down their options, what’s the next thing they do? They search for the price.

After that? Your average consumer likely doesn’t think about total cost of ownership (TCO) for every single meaningful purchase. But if you’re evaluating PDM, you likely will think about TCO. Or at least we think you should.

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GrabCAD Workbench Makes File Management Easy for SolidWorks Users

When we launched our Workbench for PC app in November of last year, the response was overwhelming.  Now that there was an easy way to sync desktop files with cloud projects, thousands of users signed up to manage their CAD files in Workbench.  Customers like Hemosonics and Hogtunes have been able to get their entire CAD libraries under control and fully organized - finally there was a PDM solution that fit their needs.  But easy access to files was only part of the challenge.  To make Workbench the best PDM solution for small and mid-sized businesses, we needed to integrate it to their CAD systems.

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What I was surprised to learn at SolidWorks World 2014 about CAD data management

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since Solidworks World 2014, and after enough times of saying “At SolidWorks World I learned...”, or “I talked to a guy at SolidWorks World who said…”, I thought I should probably write a post about it. But be warned: this is not your typical SWW14 recap.

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Given that as Director for Products at GrabCAD I’ve been working pretty heads-down on our GrabCAD Workbench for the past two years, I spent a lot of time at #SWW14 attending sessions on data management and talking to other SolidWorks users about data management. What I learned may surprise you.

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