The Frustum Generate Quadcopter Challenge

Today marks the launch of an exciting GrabCAD Community challenge competition, “The Generative Quadcopter Challenge,”  sponsored Frustum, developer of functional generative design tools that empower mechanical designers to optimize and realize demonstrably better parts with additive manufacturing.



Your challenge: design an optimized quadcopter

Interested designers are asked to create an optimized quadcopter airframe design using constraint-driven design methodology. Entrants will gain free access to Frustum’s cloud-based generative design software, Generate, to optimize the design of a lightweight, and ultimately, 3D-printed quadcopter using topology optimization.


“Generative Quadcopter Challenge” winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Mass reduction from meta design space
  • Payload delivery
  • Takeoff, flight for 50 meters and soft landing
  • Flight time
  • Ingenuity of design space(s)
  • Ingenuity of load case(s).
  • Design aesthetics

Entrants will compete for up to $2,500 in prizes and free use of Frustum Generate. Winners will be chosen by a panel of Frustum and GrabCAD employees as well as Robert Wilson, president of Aerospace Advisory Group and former president and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace. The top three designs will also be 3D printed and tested live.

The deadline to submit a Challenge design is January 8th 2017.

Take the challenge here.


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