10 Interesting Bike Startups

Biking is big right now.

In America May is recognized as National Bike Month, so in honor of that, we decided to showcase some of the most interesting bike startups and trends currently sweeping the globe.

National Bike Week is in May for the U.S.

1. Ofo Inc. and Beijing Mobike Technology Co.

Our first bike startup is actually two China-based companies, Ofo Inc. and rival Beijing Mobike Technology Co., who are both attempting to scale rapidly. Each has a fleet of more than a million bikes, valued above $1 billion apiece, and currently operate in about three dozen global cities. Exciting stuff!

2. GeoOrbital

A Cambridge-based bike startup that is literally reinventing the wheel with a little help from the movie TRON.


A Frankurt, Germany-based bike startup that is trying to make “smart bikes” that are as connected as a smart car.

4. Zagster
Founded and based in Cambridge, Mass. Since 2007, Zagster is the U.S.’ largest bike sharing service.

5. viaCycle
Bike sharing made easy. Think Zipcar.

6. Beeline Bikes
It’s the bike shop that comes to you!

7. Riide
A San Francisco-based startup that deals in hardware and electric bikes.

8. HelmetHub
A helmet sharing rental service based in Boston.

9. Vanhawks
“The world’s first connected cycling platform.”

10. Fortified Bicycle
Bike’s built for a city lifestyle that are "unstealable."

There’s also a lot of awesome bike models, helmets, wheels, etc. in the GrabCAD Community Library.