Cool CAD Models From the GrabCAD Community Library

We take another deep dive into the GrabCAD Community Library – hey, we do have almost 2.2 million free online CAD models in there – to spotlight some of our favorites again this week.

Pod Engine

We bet even Sebulba would like this model (that's a Star Wars reference).

Hydraulic Bottle Jack

All the parts to assemble this Hydraulic Bottle Jack JNS-03, which has a 3-ton capacity, are included in this design. Modeled in SOLIDWORKS 2015.


Front Wing for a Formula One Race Car

This is just the front wing to a Formula One race car, but it's still a pretty cool design. Modeled in Autodesk Inventor 2017.

Construction Mixer

You could get a lot of work done on any construction site with this 250-liter construction mixer modeled in SOLIDWORKS.

Length of Chain

This chain was designed as part of another model. The links were patterned along a curve in SOLIDWORKS.

Circular Saw

All the parts are included to assemble this model of a circular saw.


Just a plain, simple, elegant design for a nightstand or bedside table.

Ottoman Helmet

In the style of a helmet worn by members of the military in the Ottoman Empire.


This angular gearbox was modeled using SOLIDWORKS 2016.

Baker Fox Wooden Toy

Another great render of a wooden toy by GrabCAD Community member trinityscsp.

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