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The 10 Design Schools to Attend Around the World

Design affects everything we do and shapes how we experience the world as we know it, and design degrees cater to the diversity of this creative and wide ranging field. At any design school, you will be encouraged to develop your own creative and unique design style, in whatever discipline that may be – ranging from web design and graphic design to product design and additive manufacturing.

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Smart Roads: Highways of the Future

From driverless cars to commercial space travel, technological innovations in the transportation world are moving fast and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is hitting the road too – welcome to the concept of Smart Roads.

Road and traffic system advances implemented through “smart roads” are starting to play an increasingly important role in such modernization, and for good reason. The US road network alone exceeds 6.58 million km, or 17,947 square miles of land. By 2035, there’s expected to be 2 billion cars on the road worldwide – double the estimated 2010 figure.

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3D Printing the Green Industrial Revolution

Going “green” is something most of us have been trying to do for a while now. Whether it’s cutting down the amount of plastic we use, recycling as much as possible, switching off the lights when we leave a room or eating less meat, there are so many ways in which we can and are doing our bit for the environment. Less topical, however, is the fact that 3D printing can lower our negative impact on the world around us.

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Spaceports: Space Travel for the Everyman

Historically, space travel has been a reality consigned solely to highly trained astronauts. We earthlings could only catch glimpses of space through books, the internet, documentaries and Sci-fi movies. But that’s all set to change. The prospect of the everyman being able to journey into space - through commercial space travel via spaceports - is becoming increasingly tangible.

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Exploration and Innovation: The Rise of Women in the 3D Printing Industry

The 3D printing industry is in a state of constant flux and development. With the market set to expand by 17.5% over the next seven years, the career opportunities for both men and women are broad and far reaching. However, for years the tech field at large has been mostly dominated by men. Indeed, with only 13% of the 3D printing workforce being female, it’s clear we still have some way to go. But, we are getting there.

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3D Printed Fashion: How Designers Are Pushing the Boundaries

From cutting costs and increasing efficiency to prompting innovation, 3D printing has had an undeniably significant impact on the manufacturing industry in recent years. Thanks to advances in material science, digital design and on-demand production capabilities, we are seeing industry-wide change. From the realms of aerospace and prosthetics, to cars, sports and food, manufacturers are tapping into 3D printing technology to improve and revolutionize their production processes.

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