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The next generation of manufacturing leaders

As an industrial nation, manufacturing in the United States has experienced times of progress, beginning with the Industrial Revolution and continuing with post war booms. It’s also been decimated by the offshoring of manufacturing facilities and, course, jobs. We stand now, however, on the edge of tremendous changes fueled by new ideas, new technologies, and new needs. I spoke to two experts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to understand how the next generation of manufacturing leaders are being trained, and the opportunities that stand in front of them.

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Higher education needs to catch up

When we think of the adoption of new technology, our minds might think of colleges and university standing with open arms. But there’s something happening, or more accurately not happening, in some engineering departments – the curriculum just is not keeping pace with the current state of additive manufacturing.

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Reshaping engineering education at Purdue

Design engineering is transforming manufacturing at a rapid pace, and Computer Graphics Technology Professor Nathan Hartman sees technology and engineering students and departments like his at Purdue University on the edge of a fundamental shift. We talked to him recently to understand how new technologies like 3D printing are changing the curricula for the next generation of engineers.

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