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Engineer’s Spotlight: Anirban Ghosh wins “Eyes to Hear With” Challenge

GrabCAD recently finished the pro bono Challenge to design an easy to manufacture closed caption pair of glasses for the hearing impaired. The community submitted a lot of great entries, but as always, there can only be one 1st place.

Challenge on GrabCAD spotlight

Alex Kukoff spent some time with the Challenge winner, Anirban Ghosh, to get the story behind what it took to take the number 1 spot in the "Eyes to Hear With" Challenge.

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Challenge Results: Velodroom gets sleek new bike accessories from GrabCAD community

Velodroom is a bicycle accessory brand with a unique take on the world and cycling, offering products that are designed to increase the quality and safety of daily riding.

Making new and innovative products for bicycles, which have been around for 100 of years, isn't easy. So Velodroom came to GrabCAD's world-leading platform for hosting engineering and design competitions, and challenged the community of now over 700,000 engineers to create an accessory that solves a problem cyclists face daily, all while keeping Velodroom's style in mind.

The GrabCAD community didn't disappoint. There were 152 entries submitted and some truly well thought out designs for the biking community.

Here are the top three winners:

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MWL – Electric CAD

The recent Challenge with NOKIA reminded me of the great models we have that focus on all things electric. Whether it's circuits, motors, connectors, switches, or other accessories - GrabCAD has plenty of electric CAD to keep you busy this weekend. Get inspired, start a new project, or find something cool to set your scene!
300b valve amplifier on GrabCAD

300b valve amplifier by Andrew Whitham deserves way more love! Get the full assembly and watch out for the schematic, coming soon.

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Molds We Love

Sometimes when one is under pressure to get their injection mold tooling done, turning to GrabCAD for a little help is a great idea. When you need 60,000 of something, the mold has to be right, or else you have 60,000 mistakes. There are lots of different designs in our library - many of them made by professionals in real-world applications. Lots of lessons to learn from there. Here are some of our favourites.

Here is a flow simulation by GrabCAD Legend Stefan Varga. Everything was created in Moldex3D and comes complete with a shrinkage analysis.

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Models We Love – Rhino

Rhinoceros 3D, known as Rhino is quite an interesting CAD tool. Widely favoured by Product Designers, Architects and Automotive Designers because of its 'free-form non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) modeling', allowing the creation of curvilinear designs easy as pie. There are also hundreds of third-party plugins. At the beginning Rhino was distributed freely, allowing a community to spring up to help de-bug and improve newer versions. Sounds familiar, no?


Here is a VTOL Concept by Sönke Dierks, completee with a "turbine in the bottom of the fuselage driving electric motors in the (udf) fan-nacelles, thrust vectoring nozzle on the tip of the tail. fan nacelles 90 degrees tiltable."

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Models We Love – Circles

It's π Day. The Internationally recognized day of remembrance for our irrational yet mathematically constant friend, 3.14159... So this time we looked for the models that reflected the best usage of π in CAD. That would nearly everywhere, sometimes hidden in plain view. Can you think of a moment when you aren't using π in some small way for a large, obtuse but very difficult Engineering proof?


Sudhir Gill created this Angle Calculator for a Design challenge we had last year. What an amazing idea. By combining the elements of a slide ruler and a protractor, Sudhir came up with an elegant way to calculate angles quickly. Sometimes you only need a little bit of π to do useful work.

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Models We Love – Worksite

What are the necessary tools and equipment do you need to make a building? And can you find these on GrabCAD? Hell yes. If you're a professional Architect or a Structural Engineer  creating a presentation for clients, it's nice to have a number of beautifully rendered images of your project under-construction.

Let's say GrabCAD as a whole was trying to build Solidworks City - what would we need?

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Models We Love – 3ds Max

Ah 3ds Max. It's better known as a tool for Game developers and CG artists, but 3ds Max is beloved by Aerospace Engineers, Architects and Product Designers as well. It's a bit of surprise, but there are lots of engineers using it and uploading their work on GrabCAD. So this time around, 3ds Max users get their day in their ray-traced, high-polygon-count Sun.


This is a sofa that we're not even sure is a CAD file. To sate our curiosity, it'd be really nice if someone could prove to us that it is. Oh wait, Danygood uploaded a .max file as well.

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Models We Love – Collections

Interchangeability is at the heart of good mechanical engineering. And usually it's nice to have at your disposal a collection of standard parts on you at all times. Which is why GrabCAD's CAD library is around. This week we've got a sample of the best collections of standard CAD parts out there, saving you time every day you're in the office.


Here is a set of parametric wrenches by Andrey Chernorot, completed with a GrabCAD label. Nice touch.

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