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New GrabCAD Community Tutorials Features

Here at GrabCAD, we believe knowledge is power – so we’ve decided to empower you by adding some really cool new tutorials features to make GrabCAD Community even better! We’ve totally redesigned the Tutorials page to make it mobile responsive and easier to navigate. These improved features also make it easier to find, search, and create tutorials. We’ve added a new search bar to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And to take the guess work out of what a tutorial will help you to create, we’ve added thumbnails so you can see just what the finished model will look like.

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10 interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks

It's been about six weeks since we last did one of these posts. While it technically qualifies as "the last couple of weeks," the truth of the matter is that we've been a little busy with other really cool stuff. If you subscribe to our newsletter (which hopefully you do - sign up using the form to the right on the blog), you'll notice we rebranded it and started to include a handful of awesome CAD models from that week. That should tide you over. Still, you can't beat a bonafide round up of interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks. Without further ado, here it is.

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