10 interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks

It's been about six weeks since we last did one of these posts. While it technically qualifies as "the last couple of weeks," the truth of the matter is that we've been a little busy with other really cool stuff. If you subscribe to our newsletter (which hopefully you do - sign up using the form to the right on the blog), you'll notice we rebranded it and started to include a handful of awesome CAD models from that week. That should tide you over. Still, you can't beat a bonafide round up of interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks. Without further ado, here it is.

Planetarni reduktor - Planetary gear by Igor Karaić

Igor has really made this planetary gear model shine with a rendering that's out of this world.

Rocker Bike Wooden Toy by trinityscsp

An interesting take on the original horse rocker. I think this would make any biker dad happy by getting his kid interested in riding so early.

Mosquito - SteamPunk version by Dape

Take a look at that circuit board! It doesn't look like this bionic bug is carrying just any kind of virus. You better turn on your firewall before you get in contact with this bug.

Hovercraft for coastal area monitoring by night nsd

Whether on land or sea the coast guard will have no problem getting you to safety with this hovercraft. Night nsd does a great job modeling and rendering this hovercraft and I'm just dying to see whats inside.

Mirage two seater version construction kit by petr

Petr did a wonderful job rendering this two seater glider into an army jet thats looks like it's out of the movie 'Top Gun'.

Engine, V-Twin, 4-Valve Heads by Aled J Taylor

An intricate V-twin engine with 4 valve heads has no shortage of detail in design. Every nut, bolt, and gear was designed with great skill and precision.

Chess by Dmytro Fedorenko

Checkmate! These pieces were rendered to look like they weigh about 10 pounds. A beautiful copper and silver finish gives these pieces a classy look to them.

Remote training droid by Raymond Gaustadnes

Thanks to Raymond, you can now start your own Jedi training with this 3D printable training droid.

German E100 Super Heavy Tank by nguyen duong

This rugged armored vehicle looks like it just won king of the hill. Nguyen really brings the tank to life with this amazing rendering.

Ferrari 250 GTO by Domen Starman

Domen has really set the bar here. This realistic car model looks like it hasn't left the showroom. This classic two seater is a car fanatics dream. I can only imagine what that engine sounds like.


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