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The Carpocalypse Is Coming

You likely have at least some sense of big changes coming to the automotive industry. Most people know about Tesla, but other young startups, plus a plethora of other companies are in the process of disrupting our personal transportation options. As a result, we’re about to see what I term the Carpocalypse.

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Tesla Still Facing Ups and Downs as Auto Industry Watches

California automaker Tesla stirs up controversy and generates a lot of interest from fans as well as critics. Recent events make the future of the company look a little uncertain. Naturally, critics like Bob Lutz (the former GM executive) are foretelling Tesla’s doom, while fans say this is a consequence of making the most revolutionary cars ever.

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Porsche’s Upcoming Electric Cars Could Soon Set the Standard

Tesla gets a lot of news coverage. Depending on your viewpoint of the company, it’s either a media darling and Obama-era weakling, or it’s a misunderstood visionary of the future for mobility. What may seem to bolster the latter of those two versions is the fact that “legacy” or established automakers are making serious movements toward electrification. One big player in the electric car market will be Porsche.

While Teslas have wowed people with their amazing straight-line acceleration, semi-autonomous drive capabilities, and crazy falcon wing doors, Porsche will add a different flavor to electric vehicles.

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