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Making 3D printing in manufacturing a reality

One of the negative side effects resulting from the past couple of years of media hype around 3D printing has been an over emphasis on the past and the future, with much less emphasis on the present. Right here and now in 2016 the impact of 3D printing on the global manufacturing industry and its supply chain is significant, but not as significant as it could be for a 30 year old industry. It’s an overlooked fact, and it bugs me that much of the current value of these technologies gets overlooked in favour of plastic trinkets (destination land-fill site) or futuristic innovations of 3D printing that will potentially enrich our lives in ways we can only imagine — and we dedicate inordinate amounts of time — and column inches — relaying such imaginings!

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Is there place for augmented reality in manufacturing? Yup.

Most people know about augmented reality. If you haven’t heard the precise phrase, you’ve probably heard of Google Glass. Same idea. Sadly, it appears that Google Glass has fallen on its face, ridiculed and tossed aside. But what would happen if someone took the augmented reality concept and focused not on the consumer market, but instead put it to use in the industrial market? Suddenly, aesthetics, price, and ubiquity aren’t as important. Imagine the potential that augmented reality could bring to manufacturing and design communication. Enter DAQRI, an augmented reality company who is looking to do just that.

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