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3D Printing: target education

The 3D printing industry has a history of some 32 years. Within that (relatively) short period of time the technology base has established itself as a critical tool within many vertical manufacturing sectors for product development and, more recently, production.

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The impact of 3D printing on the art world

The application of 3D printing technologies across industrial sectors is unrelenting, and will likely continue for many decades as the ecosystem around it continues to improve and evolve. However, there is one discipline that continues to demonstrate its capabilities in the most captivating and eye-catching of ways whilst offering a wholly new medium for creativity — the art world.

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3D printing adoption in aerospace

A great deal of new research and application development for the full spectrum of 3D printing technologies continues apace across the aerospace industry. Despite the simplicity of the umbrella term, this is a vast and diverse global industry that encompasses commercial aircraft, satellites, military, and defence aerial vehicles (planes/helicopters/drones), rockets and space vehicles, and, of course, applications for and on the international space station (ISS).

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