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Top Unanswered CAD questions

Do you know how to set a camera path or import a DWG? There are some burning CAD questions out there that have not gotten help... yet. Each question answered with a tutorial, short or long, will help many other engineers get the job done better and faster. This is what GrabCADrs are all about so, we would like to put a bounty out on some of our top unanswered questions. Give these questions a tutorial and get a surprise!

Hunt for new tutorials on GrabCAD

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New Challenge: Build models for reuse!

Create a model with clear design intent and a tutorial to go with it for our latest Challenge!

Tutorial by Fateh Merrad on GrabCADTutorial by Fateh Merrad on GrabCAD

Picture via Fateh Merrad's Tutorial:

GrabCAD wants you to lead the way in creating content that is made for reuse and sharing. We think the best way to do this is baking your design intent into your model. For this Challenge, we ask that you include a Tutorial on your process and frame of thinking for two reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

Tips of the Trade – Lower the Rope, and Help Out

We very recently hit 300,000 users, an incredible feat in itself. While lots of models are being uploaded every second, there is a growing number of Tutorials. Ever wanted to make a steel rope in Solidworks? Or how to create the dies needed to make sets of plastic spoons? Well, read on.

Tutorial on How to Model a Rope

Great tutorial by Ravichandra Jp. Profile, twist extrude, mirror, twist extrude again. Viola, you've made a rope in Solidworks. Now you can render it as steel, nylon or even natural.

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Weekend Projects – Learn Knots, Draw Bikes, Help Kids.

Busy week! Five on-going challenges. New profile layout. Lots of things going on in the background at GrabCAD. And of course, hundreds of models uploaded, thousands downloaded and more Engineers and Designers than ever before! There's a World right here, and a whole weekend to explore it.


Who doesn't love Escher? First employed as a draftsman, the Dutch artist fell into art and never looked back. Sudhir Gill posted a tutorial about how to make an Escher knot. If you've been following Aykut Dana's epic tutorial on how to make an engine, step by step in Solidworks, here's the latest tutorial.

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